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Reading is always and forever one of the great and healthy habits for minds. Digital transformation has made a revolutionary effect on the authentic hobby for children and adults as you can today read and get millions of free books online and even download the free ebooks on your device. The last decade had proven that the time of paper reading fading is coming, it is the time of digital free pdf books.

Four Major Reasons for Reading

  • Reading widens one’s mind, it can give you more intensive ideas about one subject and aid you in modulation your way of thinking and its effect on life quality
  • Reading encourages imaginative thinking, it provides you with high levels of imagination and creative thinking, inspiration when you are depressed, bored or exhausted. It can penetrate your soul and make you flourish again
  • Reading aids in concentration, you won’t find a mind trainer more efficient than reading even if you can’t understand and gain information, with time the benefits will come in your focus and concentration skills
  • Reading improves vocabulary, people with a larger vocabulary are thought to be smarter and are often taken more seriously at work, which can lead to better job chances
  • Online free books make things easier to get sources and save efforts of searching and asking

Importance of Reading Free Ebooks Online

1- Huge treasure of knowledge in different aspects of life, you will find what you need in an easy fast and simple way in much interactive and higher quality leading to a higher level of comprehension

2- Free eBooks are providing multimedia tools that help you to take notes, copy texts that make the experience more attractive especially in young readers

3- You can get an uncountable number of free pdf books on one device in some clicks, so you carry a library in your hand in without paying any fees

4- Paper reading is now a challenge for the children because they were born in the new era of digital transformation technology in all levels of life, smartphones, and TV, smart boards in school so they prefer the easy roads.

5- Reading free online books is a visual treat that allows kids to experiment with color and fantasy in a manner that isn’t possible with tangible white pages, visuals can help people, especially the younger widen their minds and captive imagination

6- Recently, according to the last statistics, learning by eBooks and free pdfs has proven its efficiency, and students are more attentive and achieve higher academic grades.

Effect of Online Reading and Free Ebooks on Human

The human brain is always a changing organ that physically changes due to environmental changes, injury, lifestyles, and learning, it is called neuroplasticity, so childhood is the most important period which needs special concern from parents to their sons in caring and fundamental bases of learning and thinking. Neuroscientists have sought for the effect of online book reading on cognition and productivity, they reached that reading from eBooks allows a vast amount of creativity and imagination.

Great Sources for Free Online Books

  • Dr Notes is a useful service that allows you to search for free online e-books by genre and obtain download links. Free Book Spot features over 50 categories for eBooks, allowing you to find books on practically any subject like USMLE, German, MRCP, PLAB, and medical and research books.
  • Boundless, is a fantastic website that provides free e-books. It is a part of the “Open Education Movement,” which promotes the free distribution of educational content and education in general.
  • KooBits, an application for Windows that allows you to organize and download e-books. While not all books are free, you can download up to one e-book every day. One of the main reasons to use Koobits to obtain free books is to acquire beautifully animated e-books.
  • Library Genesis is a search engine that allows you to find millions of books and articles. The majority of the works on its website are in PDF format, with a few in ePUB. And to acquire the book you want, all you have to do is enter it in and search for it, then click the name to be taken to a page with further details. After that, click on its name once more and select “GET” to download the eBook.

Because paperback books are rapidly disappearing, as are our libraries, there is an urgent need to develop sites where people may get free e-books. Digital reading is a rising arrow with continuous updates and improvements and great efficiency as people can go through a large number of free books libraries to select any required field, you can access a great library of free online medical pdfs on the site( ) and download them in one click.

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