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H. R. By Edwin Lefevre PDF eBook FREE. H. R. is a captivating story of a clerk who wants to build a good financial career.

Description of H. R. By Edwin Lefevre PDF

H. R. is a well-written humoristic story of a young clerk who wants to get more in life and career. The protagonist of the story is Hendrik Rutgers who is a clerk in a bank of New York. But he is not satisfied with what he is doing. He does not want to always work as a clerk and then die still as a clerk. He thinks he has more potential and intelligence to do difficult tasks. Although he has a humoristic approach toward life still he wants to fight for his right to become the best. The main hurdle in his path is that the bank does not promote a clerk to a high position.

H. R. By Edwin Lefevre PDF Download

It will take Hendrik years to even move from class B to class A. even then there will be an increase of few dollars. So he wants THE bank to follow the system where everyone can get a chance to thrive without any privilege. He thinks he can become vice president of the bank if the bank gives him the chance. Likewise, he wants his boss to increase his pay because he works more. But do all his wishes will ever come true? Will he able to become president of any bank? Or he will remain a clerk in the bank for all his life?

About the Author

Edwin Lefevre was the bestselling author of his times. He has millions of sales worldwide and wrote dozens of some really great books.

Details About H. R. By Edwin Lefevre

  • Name: H. R. By Edwin Lefevre
  • Author: Edwin Lefevre
  • Pages: 244
  • Genre: Classic, Literature, Finance
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • ISBN: 1009933210002

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