Ace Utilities 6.5 Free Download

Download Ace Utilities 6.5 free latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of Ace Utilities 6.5 for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Ace Utilities 6.5 Review

Ace Utilities 6.5 is a powerful tool that helps you to clean pc to enhance its performance. Moreover, slowness and poor speed is a common problem for all computer users. So due to the accumulation of junk or useless files, memory and disk space decrease. This affects the computer system and reduces its efficiency.

Furthermore, if we have clone or duplicates files they consume lots of space. Similarly, outdated apps and registries should be managed properly so that they do not do any harm to our computer health. So the above mention app is the solution to all of your problems related to pc.

Scan and eradicate junk files

This tool runs a thorough scan of all your computer systems. It detects all type of junk files that present in your computer. It gives a complete log of all junk files to the user. You can select or unselect any file you want to remove or vice versa.

After finding all files, you can eradicate all unwanted documents form your computer. The user can select the drive on which they want to do a scan. It provides the date of modification and location of all files detected with convenience.

You can remove files from all of your user accounts. It offers the ability to choose deep scans with maximum speed and performance.

Remove duplicate files

Our system may have many duplicate files that are not only useless but consume lots of precious space. It is difficult to find these files manually and delete them one by one. But with the use of this tool, you can scan all clone files in just a few moments.

You can auto-search any file and files for duplicate material with ease. After deep scanning, it provides you complete data about clone files along with their location size.

The user can compare file name, content, title, date of modification, and file size to search all identical files. However, after finding the duplicate files you can remove them all in just one click. Further, you can find any media file like images, videos, audios, and documents.

Analyze your disks and manage shortcuts

It analyzes all of your disks and provides you detailed charts. This app gives information about the size and occupied space of disks. The user can view information about folders and file types. It provides a chart of space occupied by files according to percentage. You can get an overview of all files and their content with convenience.

Sometimes our pc has many broken and corrupt shortcuts. This wonderful app detects all these shortcuts, provide their location and remove them if you choose. It helps you to manage all invalid links of shortcuts proficiently.

Manage your registry, history, and cookies

It detects all registry errors and fixes them. The user can enhance the loading speed of all apps by fixing the problem of their registries. Moreover, it helps to remove all your history from browsers and apps with safety so that no one can enter your privacy.

It cleans out all your activity on your pc like videos or audio you played and documents you opened. It is compatible with almost all popular browsers and more than 300 apps. This tool deletes all cached history and cookies from all web pages with efficiency.

Schedule your cleanup, uninstall apps and restore

The user can schedule their all activity either for duplicate file removal or history deletion. Furthermore, you can uninstall all outdated or unneeded app in just a few clicks. You can remove all information related to these apps and their shortcuts.

This tool gives you the opportunity to make a backup of your all-important files and registries. The user can restore all these files at any time according to requirements. You can compress these backup files to consume less space in the system.

Further, it is must have tool for your compute. Because, it ensures the health of the system and keep it running. It is a light-weight app so does not cause any hindrance in normal functioning of the device. Thus it can run smoothly in the background. You can analyze the whole disc space through it.


All in nutshell, a wonderful tool that fulfills all the needs of the user to enhance the performance of the computer.

Ace Utilities 6.5 Free

Features of Ace Utilities 6.5

  • An all-in-one app for all your problems related to computer performance.
  • You can scan for junk files and remove them with ease.
  • This tool provides you the opportunity to eradicate duplicate and junk files.
  • It allows deleting duplicate files from media like images and videos.
  • The user can clean their browser history and cookies with it.
  • An app that provides an intuitive and modern interface.
  • It helps you to create a backup for all important registries.
  • You can uninstall all outdated and useless apps.
  • This tool provides detailed information like data usage by disk.
  • It can detect all harmful or malicious threats and remove them.
  • The user can schedule their cleanup process.
  • Analyze the health of the computer.
  • Gives the opprotunity to cleanup the old devices.
  • Offers excellent and smart output.
  • Easy to use for everyone.
  • You can automatically detect empty folders and delete them.

Ace Utilities 6.5 Free

Technical Details of Ace Utilities 6.5

  • File Size: 6 MB
  • Developer: ACE
  • Compatible: x86 and x64 architecture

Ace Utilities 6.5 Free

System requirements of Ace Utilities 6.5

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Required RAM: 512 MB
  • Required Hard Disk: 15 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4

Ace Utilities Free Download

Click on the below button to download Ace Utilities free download on your PC. You can also download PC Win Booster.



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