Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 Free Download

Download Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 free latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 for window 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 Review

Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 is a wonderful tool that have make masking easy thanks to its AI technology. Moreover, in any other famous photo editor it might takes hours (if you are professional) and days (if you are beginner to mask a certain area.

You may have to possess certain level expertise to mask refine things like hairs and feather. But by using above tool this is not the case anymore. Similarly, if we do not have prior knowledge even than we can use.

This tool have make high quality masking a simpler task. Now you can ask anything from any photo without being afraid of ruining it. Further, it is a perfect tool for photographers and graphic editors.  As it save lots of their valuable time and effort.

Only Three Clicks Needed

This tool give you an easy ride. You can just mask any simple or difficult image in just three clicks. First you only have to select area you want to mask. It will make blue outline where you have selected. So in a first click, you have to choose what you want to cut from your picture.

In second click, you have to fill the area with red to keep that area. An in final third click you only have to press the “compute” button. Congratulation! You have done it. It’s as simple as that. Now you can do whatever you want to do with image after masking.

Artificial or Auto Selection

Besides, even if you do not want to click it three time. No problem. You can use its artificial technology. This tool will automatically detect the area and provide you a perfect mask without any problem. The user can artificial intelligence for less refined masking.

Use Brushes for Refinement

Moreover, this incredible tool allows you to use brushes to mask with perfect refinement. The user can change the brush size with convenience. You are allowed to select brush or fill option any time according to requirement.

In addition, brush will help you to cut flawlessly whiskers, hairs, and moustache with ease. This tool give control over the hand of the user.

Use Sliders for Adjustments

This wonderful tool provide various adjustments. Likewise, you can use “edge softness” either by increasing or decreasing its value to enhance sharpness. You can get ability to use edge shift to change the directions of edges of your mask.

Similarly, this tool allows the user to foreground recover to create a transparent area. You can adjust de fringe sliders when you apply masking in contamination and liquid area.

Change Background with Ease

No matter what is in your image this tool can help you masking it. So you can mask landscapes, animals, natures, fine art, portraits and much more through it. After computing the area, you can change background.

The user can blur the background or either can replace it a new one with convenience. You can change foreground and strength in sliders.


To wrap it up, a perfect tool if you want to apply masking effortlessly.

Topaz Mask AI

Features of Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1

  • The user can mask any complex image.
  • It give you three clicks functionality.
  • You can choose any area for masking.
  • The user can cut and fill area according to choice.
  • You can use artificial intelligence for auto-masking.
  • It allows to change the size of brush.
  • You can use its masking feature of any kind of image like landscape.
  • The user can mask refine objects like whisker and hair.
  • It saves valuable time of the user.
  • An app with intuitive and smart interface.
  • You can change background and foreground of photos.
  • It helps you to blur the background.
  • You can use sliders like edge softness and defringe.

Topaz Mask AI

Technical Details of Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1

  • File Size: 1.7 GB
  • Developer: Topaz
  • Compatible: x64 architecture

System requirements of Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 4 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 3 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Topaz Mask AI 1.2.1 Free Download

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