CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

Download CST Studio Suite 2020 free latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of CST Studio Suite 2020 for window 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

CST Studio Suite 2020 Review

CST Studio Suite 2020 is a consistent tool to design and explore the electromagnetism in the 3D environment. Moreover, it permits the user to calculate data according to designs. The user can check several observations, hypotheses, and theories.

Further, it provides a chance to work with solvers and through it analyze the behaviors, simulation, and components present in the system. You can check the performance of antennas and electromagnetism behavior on exposure to diverse objects.

You can achieve the simulation experiments, construction of the EM field, and simulation flow with convenience. The user can make models by using a dissimilar color gradient. You can rotate and flip different diagrams with convenience.

You can craft the wireframe for models. Likewise, it aids you to adjust working planes, and dimension. You can cut and crop any part of the model. Similarly, you can insert text and label in your models humbly.

It helps to use options of zoom and pan smoothly. Likewise, you can change the rounding row and axis. The user can hand-picked cutting planes for their designs and diagrams. The user can alter the orthographic. It consents to select sectional, horizontal, and vertical views.

In addition, this app helps you to insert expression, name, value, and description. You can check various physical properties like current, magnetic field, and its direction. You can get results for solvers automatically and can process data with convenience.

You can calculate the multi physic simulations, deformation, and structural properties. You can measure the thermal effect, S-parameter, and hybrid.

A customizable tool as you can set many preferences. The user can choose their own tools for toolbar. You can remove unwanted options to reduce clutter. This tool enhances the productivity of the user to any level.

CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

Optimization of EM System

You can create graphs and charts about the behavior of the device. You can check certain behavior of devices toward certain objects and property. You can make a parameter about their behavior. Likewise, it helps you to make graphs of the optimized and particular behavior of certain material.

It will provide you precise calculation about convergence and automatic optimization. This app offers the opportunity to use TRF as an optimizer. It will lessen the number of simulations you have to do and can enhance the speed of your work.

Export and Share your Data

The user can export their data to other devices. Likewise, you can share your files with your colleagues and can get their comments. It helps you to import your CAD files without any problem to work on them more thoroughly.

You can import designs, models, and results from different sources. This app helps you to export simulation, Optimized properties, and parametric graphs and designs. This tool possesses a smart and straight forward interface with advanced functionality.


To sum it up, an outstanding app that can help you to analyze the EM system.

CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

Features of CST Studio Suite 2020

  • You can design and create a simulation for electromagnetism.
  • The user can create models and can align them.
  • It helps you to design 3D devices for your observation.
  • You can check the behavioral properties of devices.
  • The user can optimize their simulation with convenience.
  • You can set labels and names for your diagrams.
  • It helps to align and rotate your models.
  • You can import and export your data and designs.
  • It helps you to select tools for toolbar.
  • The user can create a wireframe for their models.
  • An app with a smart and straight forward interface.
  • You can make graphs and charts about physical properties.
  • The user can analyze the current and magnetism in the field.

CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

Technical Details of CST Studio Suite 2020

  • File Size: 6.5 GB
  • Developer: 3DS
  • Compatible: x86 and x64 architecture

CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

System requirements of CST Studio Suite 2020

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 8 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 10 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7

CST Studio Suite 2020 Free Download

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