MS Office 2013 Free Download

MS Office 2013 free download latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of MS Office 2013 for windows 64-bit operating system. This is a complete office suite that allows the user to create documents, presentations, charge sheets and perform numerous calculations.

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MS Office 2013 Review

MS Office 2013 is a magnificent office application which let the user create, edit, manage and share the documents. It fulfills all the professional and basic needs of the user while performing any task related to documents. The documents you have created in this platform are shareable and editable later on. The interface of the platform is user-friendly which contains the self-explaining features. It protects your documents to be misuse or corrupt with the attack of viruses. The most used application of Microsoft after the Windows in the worldwide. It allows the user to move, copy, paste, redo, undo and perform other functionalities with ease.

MS Office 2013

This application is available in multiple themes that allow the user to use any of them. This office toolkit MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Spreadsheet, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS OneNote, and MS Database.

MS Word

MS Office 2013 brings the widely popular tool (MS Word) to create and edit the documents effortlessly. There are billions of users such as businessmen, professionals, students, teachers, and many others daily take these services of this notch program. It got the ability to turn your typing to the words and then make the sentences. It allows the user to save, share and print the files without the support of any third party.

MS Office 2013

Feel free to create the text-based documents like informal reports, letters to friends, letter to family members, invoices of banks and lectures for your students. Adjust the text color, size, font and style according to your needs. It widely supports the user to perform the changes without any restrictions. This office tool got the support of cloud system that allows the user to access all the documents and files remotely. The user can edit the word documents of other versions smoothly.

MS Excel

MS Excel is the built-in tool of MS Office 2013. It allows the user to perform numerous functions with ease of use. The user can add the header and footer in the documents effortlessly. Use the find and replace command for quick functionality. The user can easily find the required words and replace them with new words. It allows the user to set the password protection and protect the data from unauthorized access. Data filtration is available through commands such as “advance filter and autofilter”.

MS Office 2013

It got the ability to store the data in the proper channel after the data is stored in the file. The user can create multiple charts like line graphs, bar graph, combination type chart, data validation, and pie charts. It assists the user to automatically edit the values in addition to formula auditing. Further user will be pleased with conditional formatting, pivot tables, Print optimization, paste special, an absolute reference, add multiple rows, Flash fill and Index matching.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint eases the process of making an outstanding presentation. It is a widely used Office tool all over the world. This application is used by the businessmen, teachers, students, and data analysis people to cover the big information smartly in a few slides. The user can create new and edit the previous presentations effortlessly. Its interface allows the user to create a presentation from scratch. This application contains plenty of themes and layouts that enable the user to perform the customization smoothly.

MS Office 2013

There is no need for any certification to create a presentation of your own desire. Offers a dynamic set of colors and layouts that make your presentation awesome to viewers. Set the opacity, page size and shades of the color. The user can utilize this application for the animation purposes and it includes the element animation along with slide transition. Create the slide shows while using audio, video and photos. The user can integrate the PowerPoint with excel charts directly.

MS Spreadsheet

MS Spreadsheet is the most common application of MS Office that is used in office computing documents. It assists the user to solve the mathematical calculations with built-in formulas. The user can easily manage to add the pivot tables, graphs along with rows and columns in the file. Its main layout allows the user to enter the data 2D grid. This tool is widely used for storing database and to perform the complex calculations. The very first spreadsheet introduced for Apple computer and is was name as VisiCalc. Perform the numeric computations, calculations, and mathematical formulas just in few clicks.

MS Office 2013

MS Outlook

MS Office introduces you with MS Outlook that assists the user in the bill pay reminders, proxy support and meeting RSVP tracking. It helps the user to better manage their time and set the priorities in their lives. Perform the tasks that are most important to you and the user will get everything perfect. This tool also assists you with travel reservations and add a calendar event. It is built on the machine learning algorithms that detect the location, check the time and remind you about the tasks.

MS Office 2013

MS Access

MS Office 2013 introduce with a relational database tool that is known as MS Access. It is a magnificent application for small teams and individual users. This application assists the user to run, enter and manage the reports on a larger scale. It makes easier for the user to handle a large amount of data easily. Enable the user to import and export other MS Office files. There are built-in templates to generate and publish the data. Further, a user can generate the reports in PDF file format. It also contains hide/show button in the interface to eliminate the reports.

MS Office 2013

MS Publisher

MS Publisher helps the users to create high-quality text, stunning layouts, and beautiful images. It contains outstanding shapes, texts, and pictures to add to your projects. Delivers the Mail merge, Personalization and document sharing tools. The user can perform the functionality through drag and drop methodology. You can easily import the files from PC, social media or any other external source.

MS Office 2013

MS NoteOne

MS NoteOne enables the user to print the whole books and unlimited pages just in one click. It got the ability to arrange the pages, notebooks, and sections. This features of the MS Office 2013 easily integrated with MS Outlook and you can send a complete book via email to someone. Saves user precious time and gives the details about your to-do list. It allows the user to record the audio and video so don’t forget to make memories when you are happy.

MS Office 2013

Features of MS Office 2013

  • A powerful tool to create and edit the documents.
  • Shares the documents on the social media platform.
  • User-friendly and seeking interface.
  • Contains MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Spreadsheet and MS Excel, etc.
  • Create stunning presentations.
  • Import the 3D images and animations.
  • Allows user to handle the numerical computation.
  • Manage large databases.
  • Contains various new themes and much more.
  • Share the files via email.
  • Best for professionals, students, and teachers.

Technical Details of MS Office 2013

  • File Size: 1.4 GB
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Compatible: x86 and x64 architecture

System requirements of MS Office 2013

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Required RAM: 1 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4

MS Office 2013 Free Download

Click on the below button to download MS Office 2013 in your PC. You can also download Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 Professional.



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