Parashar Light Kundli Free Download

Download Parashar Light Kundli free latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of Parashar Light Kundli for window 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Parashar Light Kundli Review

Parashar Light Kundli is a perfect tool to provide you a better knowledge of Vedic astrology. Furthermore, in this modern era, the method of many things has changed. Now astrologers do not have to use telescopes to see the movement of planets.

Likewise, doing the calculation and drawing results from them is a lengthy task. You have to do lots of work that takes lots of your time and effort. So to get an accurate result you have to consider many factors that will ensure precision.

Moreover, it is a perfect tool for astrologers as well as layman, interested in astrology. This app not only aids in your calculations but provide you enough knowledge to understand basic theories and laws off astrology with convenience.

This app provides a wide range of different calculations and charts. In addition, it allows you to do almost every kind of calculation used in astrology. The user can make reports and can print them. Similarly, you can view this app again.

Besides, you do not have to enter the latitude or longitude of every place. As it can enter them automatically for the ease of the user. You can get access to templates to use them with little modification in your charts.

Create Worksheets and Reports

The user can easily get results for their data. It provides an opportunity to insert a day of birth, gender, name, and planetary degree. The user can choose dashes and navamsha system for their results. It allows you to arrange your charts and graphs.

This app helps you to manage your hundreds of files through file managers. The user can organize their reports, charts, and calculations in order. You can name your files and can add Metadata in them effortlessly.

You can change the birth time for your data at any time. The user can view chakras, and hints to get better results. Similarly, it helps you to add data into tables. In addition, if you want to insert yoga asana in your charts do not worry.

This app will automatically research all records and will provide you the best yoga that will match your chart. You can do your own research efficiently. The user can extract common things from every chart and can determine the factors that affect people’s health, wealth, and certain attributes.

You can use different size screen according to your requirement. It helps you to analyze your charts. Further, it provides you more than 100 different screens that you can use in your project. It helps you to publish your result on different sites.

Learn from this Tool

It provides you world atlas so you do not have to use books every time for reference. Similarly, this app gives index so you can see the definition for different words and astrological terms. It gives you step by step helps and hints through your journey.


To wrap it up, a perfect app that can help you to become a professional astrologer.

Parashar Light Kundli Free Download

Features of Parashar Light Kundli

  • This app gives the opportunity to excel in Vedic astrology.
  • You can make charts and do the calculation.
  • The user can enter birth date, day, and gender of a certain person.
  • An app that intuitive and cool interface.
  • You can create tables and reports of their calculation.
  • You can view the index for every new term.
  • It provides a wide range of built-in templates.
  • The user can use yoga in their results.
  • You can customize your report s and their screen view.
  • It helps to use the research tools to get data about common attributes.
  • The user can make worksheets and can print them.
  • It provides world atlas to insert latitude and longitude.

Parashar Light Kundli Free Download

Technical Details of Parashar Light Kundli

  • File Size: 268 MB
  • Developer: Parasha
  • Compatible: x64 architecture

Parashar Light Kundli Free Download

System requirements of Parashar Light Kundli

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 1 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 500 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Parashar Light Kundli Free Download

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