Manga Maker Comipo Free Download

Manga Maker Comipo Download Free latest version for windows. It is the full offline standalone setup of Manga Maker Comipo for window 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Manga Maker Comipo Review

Manga Maker Comipo is a reliable app to create professional manga and comics. Moreover, Manga is the best way to tell a story. Through it, you can communicate with your readers in a more interesting way. However, if you are not good at drawing but even then want to make manga then there is no need to worry. Because you can use the above mention software to draw characters perfectly. This app allows you to share your very own stories and ideas with the world. You can form your own characters with all the features you would like to add to them. Likewise, the user can name their characters and set their personality.

This impressive tool provides control all over the hand of the user. You can use your imagination and this app will back you on your way to change your imagination into reality. Moreover, it enhances your level of intuition and creativity by providing all options to make a masterpiece. This software offers 3D models of all characters, due to which the user can change character view and angle. Furthermore, you can make anime from scratch and can add any item to them.

Manga Maker Comipo free download

It offers a huge library from which you can select a character style and its posture. Likewise, you can get access to more than 100 different poses to use. Besides, you can even select face shape. An app that depicts a modern and smart interface to provide advanced options. The user can change the shape of the word balloon shape and its size. In addition, it offers a variety of font styles. Most importantly, you can add “comic marks” in your manga to make it more special.  This wonderful tool allows us to drag or drop any character or preset according to requirements.

Presets, assets, accessories, and shapes

It gives various presets, and Asset list to the user. Besides, so you can use assets like chair, table, sticks, pen, heart, and stars in comics. The user can select anything to change from a large variety. Further, you can select hair type, make them long or short and choose their color. This app allows the user to change the dress style either uniform, suits, and skirts. Further, the user can select a gender for their character. Likewise, you can change the color tone of your character from dark to fair in different ranges. It gives the ability to change eye color and alter their shape. Similarly, you can make them narrow and wide according to character requirements.

Further, you can select the position of every feature like eyes, lips, and nose. You can use sunglasses, bags, and an umbrella to add to the scene. it allows you to choose expression for the face of your character. The user can alter the width and height of the mouth in just a few clicks. Also, you can change the height of characters and their body style. You can easily add presets like sunshine, stars, clouds, and rain. It allows you to work with 2D images and you can use the option of “2D Transformation”.

Through this option, you can use two different types of transformation. First is Perspective Transformation which can be used to tilt your comic horizontally and vertically. The second type is “Vertex Transformation”, due to which you can view images in four different vertices. In addition, it gives multiple panel shapes like eclipse and slopes with variable angles. You can even select the shape of the word balloon (capsule or rounded) and its tail style. A customizable app that allows many settings according to need. Similarly, you can select many functions as a default like font size and panel width.

Manga Maker Comipo

Background, mouse usage, and sound effects

Moreover, after creating a character, adding your lines in word balloons last important thing is to add the background. The user can use a variety of beautiful backgrounds in their different comic scenes. Similarly, you can apply background like sparkle, lovely and dream from its library. Besides, it provides various exciting sound effects to insert in the manga. The user can set a number of panels and layering of their comics. A wonderful tool that saves lots of time and enhances productivity to many levels. It gives high-quality displays and graphics to create outstanding manga. Further, this tool allows to easily flip and rotate an image. You can change the aspect ratio of comics or can set a default size.

Besides, it offers the ability to change transparency and opacity of display. The user can even export their image file and can publish it to any site. Likewise, you can even print your comic with ease. You can save your created manga in specific folders. The user can select the position for their characters and change page width. Most importantly, it allows you to use “Mouse” to increase convenience. So you only have to use the keyboard to write words. But everything else, from character making to it’s positioning and saving it can be done by mouse. You can select pages you want to use, choose window color and gradient.

Features of Manga Maker Comipo

  • An app that helps you to create extraordinary manga.
  • You can build your character from scratch with their uniqueness.
  • It allows setting default value for font, line weight and leading.
  • The user can use more than a hundred different posture styles.
  • It offers a variety of assets like table, chair, and stick.
  • You can use “2D Transformation” to rotate and tilt images.
  • This app allows you a variety of beautiful backgrounds to use in scenes.
  • It gives various different and exciting sound effects.
  • The user can select their hairstyle, eye color, and pose.
  • An app that depicts a modern and smart interface.
  • You can use various shades of color tones.
  • It offers the ability to alter the width and height of the mouth.
  • This app allows for changing the position of features and facial expressions.

Manga Maker Comipo download

Technical Details of Manga Maker Comipo

  • File Size: 1.4 GB
  • Developer: comipo
  • Compatible: x86 and x64 architecture

System requirements of Manga Maker Compo

  • Supporting Windows: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 2 GB
  • Required Hard Disk: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Manga Maker Comipo Free Download

Click on the below button to download Manga Maker Comipo on your PC. You can also download Aurora 3D Animation Maker 18.



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